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While the original New Orleans Bicycle Club was established in the 1880's, the modern-day NOBC was started in the late 1960s by a handful of guys who had just "discovered" 10-speeds, and for many years promoted most of the racing in the state of Louisiana. The club promoted its first race, "The New Orleans 100," held on Lakeshore Drive on March 30, 1969. By 1972 the club had organized and promoted the first Tour de Louisiana. In addition to the Tour de Louisiane, the club of the early 70's promoted the annual La Bouchere Gran Prix, held for a few years in the early 70's. This race was held in the New Orleans French Quarter, where thousands of tourists and locals were always on hand to watch the exciting event. The old, narrow French Quarter streets provided a challenging course, and caused a number of spills as riders tried to negotiate the charply curved, manhole-infested turns. The first Tour de Louisiana was a big event for it's time, and attracted national caliber riders such as Olympian John Howard. It is now the oldest continuous bicycle stage race in the United States. The club of the 80's had it's own team van and an active women's team, and became more involved with track racing with the construction of the Baton Rouge Velodrome for the Olympic Sports Festival.


The Old NOBC of the late 1800s

The Club of the 1970s

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The 1960s - Origins of the New NOBC

The Club of the 1980s