Tour de LouisianeTour de Louisiane Road RaceLAMBRA
and LAMBRA Road Championships
Pandemic Edition

Promoted by the New Orleans Bicycle Club

Category 1/2/3* $40 $500 / $60* 8 / 3* 64.4 mi.
Category 4 / Novice* $40 $500 / $60* 8 / 3* 64.4 mi.
Master-40+* $40 $500 / $60* 8 / 3* 64.4 mi.
Women Cat. 1,2,3 / 4,Novice* $40 $500 / $60* 8 / 3* 48.3 mi.
Junior-18 $20 Awards 3 32.2 mi.
Riders without USAC Road licenses purchase 1-day licenses at $10 additional and race Novice, 40+, Junior or Women as appropriate. Riders with USAC Memberships but without racing licenses can enter any event open to Novice without the 1-day license requirement.
*Cat. 3, Novice, 55+, Women Cat. 4/Novice Bonuses 3-deep

50-rider field limit in each race. BikeReg fee additional. Licensed NOBC members race free.


Register at BikeRegPRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED at Online registration closes 10:00 PM, Friday, October 23, 2020.

Race day
number pick-up opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 8:30 a.m. at Stony Point (Stoney Point Baptist Church, 19144 LA-450, Stoney Point, La. - see map). From I-12 at Hwy. 190, go North 3 mi. on 190 to Covington and continue over the bridge at Covington. Continue North 1.9 mi. to the intersection with La. 25 (190 turns West here). Continue North on La. 25 another 10 mi. to Folsom. From Folsom continue North 2.7 mi. to Hwy. 450. Turn left on 450 and continue 11.5 mi. to the Stoney Point start/finish area at La. 10.

Stony Point Road Race

16-mile loop in the rolling hills near Stoney Point, LA. near Franklinton. Course is open to traffic. Park ONLY in designated areas! [SEE MAP]. If you leave the parking area before all of the riders in all of the races have finished, be especially careful when exiting onto the road, as riders may be finishing and sprinting. After finishing your race be aware that other riders or groups of riders from other races may be coming up behind you and continuing, so exit the course immediately and do not ride back toward the parking area against traffic. Also, never ride back across the finish line in either traffic lane, since the finish camera will pick you up and it will look like you finished later than you did.

9:00 a.m. - Category 1/2/3, 64.4 miles
9:10 a.m. - Category 4/Novice, 64.4 miles
9:20 a.m. - Master 40+, 64.4 miles
9:25 a.m. - Women/Junior, 48.3 / 32.2 miles (Juniors finish 1 lap early)


Mask Mandate: Louisiana is currently under a statewide mask mandate that applies to all individuals when in any space open to the public. Athletes are exempt while participating in organized athletic activities. Riders, spectators, and event staff should wear masks whenever not on the bike and in contact with others. Please try to maintain social distancing whenever possible so we don't contribute to the spread of viruses.

Course Notes: The first section, between turn #1 at the start and turn #2 has four street-level concrete bridges with lenghwise seams between the sections. These could cause a crash and must be avoided. Turn #2 comes up suddenly just after coming over a little rise, so be prepared! Likewise, turn #4 (the left-hand turn) comes up suddenly after a slight downhill. The section between Turn #4 and #5 has sections of broken-up asphalt that require caution and could cause pinch-flats. The course will be open to traffic and of course the center line rule will be in effect. We will allow both lanes to be used only for the final 200 meters before the finish if clear of vehicles, but keep in mind that it is always possible that a vehicle will manage to get onto the course as the sprint approaches so be sure that the road is clear before crossing the center line. We expect to have a following car/wheel truck for each race with neutral, rider-provided wheels. All of the classes will be on the circuit at the same time. It is possible that the Cat. 1,2,3 field will catch the Women and Juniors before they finish. Race numbers go on the right side and back.

LAMBRA Championship Information

Results will be submitted to the USCF Results and Rankings DatabaseUSA Cycling championship medals will be awarded to the top 3 Louisiana/Mississippi finishers in the following Categories/Classes:

  • Category 1/2
  • Category 3
  • Category 4
  • Category 5
  • Master 40+
  • Master 55+
  • Women Category 1/2/3
  • Women Category 4/5
  • Junior 9-14
  • Junior 15-18


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