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City Park Novice Race, Circa 1972

Throughout most of the 70's the NOBC sponsored Novice Races in City Park on Sunday mornings. These informal events served to introduce many local riders to bicycle racing. Eventually, the field sizes got so much larger, and road surface so much worse, that the races were moved to Lakeshore Drive in New Orleans. The Roosevelt Mall course was repaved in the early 90's, and in 1995 the club promoted the Bike and Blade on the Bayou series on the popular tree-shaded route. NOBC riders (wearing the "Betat" jerseys) are, from left, John Gin (on his new Pennine), Randy Holmes (on his trusty Pugeot PX-10), and Glenn Gulotta (Raleigh International?). Just to the right of Randy Holmes is Boyd Fink (on his new Bob Jackson). All of these riders can still occasionally be found riding and training in the New Orleans area.