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Club Officer Duties
November 22 , 2004

Responsible for the overall direction of the club's activities. Presides at club and board meetings, secures sponsorship for the club and its races, coordinates event promotion, and makes sure the club is financially sound.

Vice President
Responsible for team uniform design, ordering, and distribution in a timely manner. Assists the President with event promotion issues. Responsible for developing and implementing a program that awards team members for outstanding race results or other contributions to the club and coordinates club meetings and special events such as the annual banquet. Presides over club and board meetings in the President's absence.

Responsible for maintaining the club's membership records and assisting the Treasurer in the collection of dues and the Race Director with membership contact information. Also responsible for communicating board decisions and club news to the membership. Helps the Vice President coordinate club meetings and special events such as the annual banquet. Assists the Vice President in club uniform design, ordering, and distribution.

The club's chief financial officer who is responsible for the security of the club's funds and other assets. Receives, deposits, disburses and accounts for all club funds; maintains all financial records; makes all legally-required filings; notifies the membership when dues payments are due and collects them; presents a brief financial report at each board meeting or as requested by the President.

Race Director
Directs the club's training, racing and rider recruitment programs and has principal responsibility for the development of the racing team. Duties include facilitating a high level of member participation in area races, organizing and coordinating team training rides, i.e. our Fall and Winter Ride Series, as well as an annual team training camp, organizing and coordinating team travel arrangements to races or rides, and serving as chair of the Racing Committee. Since this is such a big job, the Race Director can appoint Race Committee members to help him/her in his duties.

Responsible for maintaining the club's website, including the event calendar for all local events of interest to club members.

Together, these six positions make up the club's board of directors.


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