Randall Legeai, 2007
"Bike racing is art. Art is driven by passion, by emotions, by unknown thoughts. The blood that pumps through my veins is stirred by emotion. It's the same for every athlete. And that's why we do this."

-- Chris Carmichael, coach of Lance Armstrong
Randall Legeai

Home:   New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Phone:   (504) 866-6640
DOB:   11/25/53
Height:   5'4" (162.6 cm)
Weight:   125 lbs. (57 kg)
USCF Cat.:   2 Road, 3 Track, 3 Official
Usually seen riding:   White Cervelo
Racing since:   1971
Club/Team:   New Orleans Bicycle Club
Occupation:   University Administration

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