Time Trial Championship


Louisiana/Mississippi USAC
Individual Time Trial Championships

40km/20km/10km Individual Time Trials

LaPlace, Louisiana, Sunday, May 5, 2024


Men Cat. 1-2 Junior Men 9-12** Master Men 35-39 Master Women 35-39
Men Cat. 3 Junior Men 13-14** Master Men 40-44 Master Women 40-44
Men Cat. 4 Junior Men 15-16* Master Men 45-49 Master Women 45-49
Men Cat. 5 (Novice) Junior Men 17-18*  Master Men 50-54 Master Women 50-54
Women Cat. 1-3 Junior Women 10-12** Master Men 55-59 Master Women 55-59*
Women Cat. 4/5 Junior Women 13-14** Master Men 60-64 Master Women 60-64*
Para-Cycle*** (15 km)
Junior Women 15-16*  Master Men 65-69* Master Women 65-69*

Junior Women 17-18*  Master Men 70+* Master Women 70+*

MERCKX STYLE COMPETITION: Riders in any 40 km class/category may also elect to be scored for special top-3 overall championship medals (top 3 men, top 3 women) for riders competing "Merckx-Style." To be eligible for the Merckx competition riders must indicate that at number pick-up on race day and their bicycles must adhere to the mass-start equipment rules for handlebars and wheels, as defined for collegiate cyclists (See USAC Rulebook). In general, this means: standard road handlebars - no aero bars, no full disk wheels or wheels with fewer than 16 spokes. See below for details.

* 20k distance for these age groups.
** 10k distance for these age groups.

*** 15 km distance to match U.S. Paralympics.


Register at BikeRegPre-Registration via BikeReg is required for this event. No race-day registration. All registration ends at 11:00 pm on Friday, May 3. $30 for USAC licensed riders, non- licensed riders add $15 for one day USAC Road license available online. Start list will be available online after registration closes. If you are unable to register online, please contact the event contact below. Be sure to electronically sign the waiver during online registration! NOTE: You can sign up for only one Class/Category. You can not have your time count for both a skill-based categoryt and an age-graded class, so pick ONE.


The Official Time Trial Start Time List will be available on this website no later than 8 am on Saturday. Start times within each Category and Age Group will be determined by USAC Results & Ranking Road Time Trial points, where available. Email notification will be sent to all registrants as soon as it is available.


Number pickup will be from 6:45am until 1/2 hour before your official start time (see start list above) at 110 Frenier Rd, Laplace, LA. Just show your USAC license or ID and pick up your number. The first rider off will be at 8:00am. One-day licenses for non-licensed riders can be purchased online via the BikeReg registration website above. Riders with one-day licenses not eligible for championship medals but will be placed.


IMPORTANT! Please park only within the designated parking areas along the roadside between the start/finish and the entrance to the parking lot ONLY. Please do not park in the Swamp Tours parking lot near the facility entrance. Do not park along the roadside between the entrance to the parking lot and the overpass in order to avoid problems with traffic entering the I-55 North onramp. Please practice social distancing while in the parking and registration areas.


Course is out and back on HWY 51. Road is generally smooth and fast. Turnaround will be about a 1/2 mile before the manchac overpass (except for 10km and 20km age groups). Course will be closed to most, but not all, traffic.See interactive route map below.


From New Orleans, take I-10 west to Laplace and exit north at Hwy 51. From Baton Rouge, take I-10 east to Laplace and exit north at Hwy. 51. Parking will be alongside the road about 1/4 mile north of I-10.


USAC SanctionedWarm-up space will be extremely limited so we suggest bringing a stationary trainer. Riders will not be allowed to warm up on Hwy 51 south of the I-55 on-ramp. Approved helmets must be worn. Course will be closed to most traffic but keep your head up at all times. There may be a few vehicles on the course. Parking will be available on the shoulder of Hwy 51. USAC Championship Medals will be given out to the first 3 USAC riders in each category/age group. Riders will go off at 1 minute intervals. NO DRAFTING!

Merckx-Style equipment rules: To be eligible for the additional Merckx-style competition, bicycles must comply with the collegiate mass-start equipment rules regarding handlebars (no aero bars or extensions) and wheels (no full disk wheels or wheels with fewer than 16 spokes).



Women Friendly Event

Novice Friendly Event
USAC Safesport
Junior Friendly Event



Randy Legeai

Held under USA Cycling Event Permit

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