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Herring Gas Track Night Results 
March 2, 2002

1. Shawn Casey (Herring Gas)
2. Bryan Bunch (Herring Gas)
3. Farrell Crane (MFS Racing)
4. Jason Hurling (Sir Speedy)

1. Shawn Casey (Herring Gas)  
2. Farrell Crane (MFS Racing)  
3. Jason Hurling (Sir Speedy)  
4. William Cheramie  

12 Lap Snowball  
1. Bryan Bunch (Herring Gas)  
2. Erich Matei (Lakeshore)  
3. Shawn Casey (Herring Gas)  

1. William Cheramie 1:14.09
2. Bryan Bunch (Herring Gas) 1:16.55
3. Farrell Crane (MFS Racing) 1:18.05
4. Eric Mattei (Lakeshore) 1:19.04

Unknown Distance
1. Shawn Casey (Herring Gas)  
2. Farrell Crane (MFS Racing)  
3. Shane Hernandez (Sir Speedy)  
4. Bryan Bunch (Herring Gas)  

Miss and Out
1. Shawn Casey (Herring Gas)  
2. Jason Hurling (Sir Speedy)  
3. Bryan Bunch (Herring Gas)  
4. Shane Hernandez (Sir Speedy)  

In addition to the insanity on Sunday (thank you Jon and all the volunteers for allowing us to torture ourselves), we did have track racing at the Baton Rouge Velodrome Saturday night. The weather looked threatening but after a couple of brief sprinkles the track quickly dried and the temperature plumeted 20 degrees or more in 15 minutes and the winds picked up. However, the racing wentn on! We had a fun and fast 17 rider field with riders coming as far away as Houston. I would like to thank everyone for coming out and hope everyone enjoyed it.    

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