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Jones Vaughn Creek Road Race Results
May 5, 2002, Jackson, LA

A Race

1. Erich Mattei, Herring Gas
2. Steven Tomaszenski, Red Stick Racers
3. Brad Hecker, Herring Gas
4. Zack Broussard, Cajun Cyclists
5. Tim Regan, NOBC
6. Steve Vigerie, NBO
7. Steve Seiden, Red Stick Racers
8. Brett Faulk, Cajun Cyclists
9. Charley Davis, Red Stick Racers
10. Herb Roussel, NBO
11. Frank Moak, Herring
12. Norman Nolan, Red Stick Racers

B Race

1. Gregory Cormie, Jolly Roger
2. Andrew Dunn, Adam's Bicycle World
3. Frank Breure, Cajun Cyclists
4. John Lynch, UA
5. Adrian Roop, Adam's Bicycle World
6. Eddy Delgado, NOBC
7. Kenny Cox, West Bank Schwinn
8. Steven Damon, NOBC
9. Doug Harrell, NOBC
10. Mark Newman, Natchez Bicycle Club
11. Mark Housepain, MVW
12. Jerry Burckel, NOBC
13. Robert McNeally, Twin City Cyclists

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