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Tunica Tango Results
September 10, 2000

For race report, complete results and photos, see Baton Rouge Cycling

  1. Jason Sager, Zaxby's (A-1st)
  2. Eric Murhpy, Red Stick (A-2nd)
  3. Raphael Giangiulio, Mirage (B-1st)
  4. Micah Thorning, Unattached (B-2nd)
  5. Herb Roussel, Unattached (B-3rd)
  6. Randy, Legeai, NOBC (A-3rd)
  7. Tim Regan, Lakeshore (B-4th)
  8. Kathleen Scully-Weiner, La Sport (A-4th; 1st Woman)
  9. Mark Manson, NOBC (A-5th)
  10. Kenny Cox, Lakeshore (B-5th)
  11. Paul Hill, Lakeshore (B-6th)
  12. Aron Messer, Unattached (B-7th)
  13. Eddy Delgado, Lakeshore (B-8th)
  14. Keith Duet, NOBC (A-6th)
  15. Giselle Pagel, Red Stick (B-9th; 2nd Woman)
  16. Erich Mattei, Lakeshore (B-10th)
  17. Tom Harbout, Unattached (B-11th)
  18. Noel Puentes, Lakeshore (A-7th)
  19. Walter Averet, Unattached (B-12th)
  20. Gina Voci, Unattached (B-13th; 3rd Woman)