Tour le Fleur

Jackson, MS
April 13-14, 1996 Partial Results

The 1996 Tour le Fleur was, as usual, a well-organized national-class event that attracted some of the country's top cyclists to Jackson Mississipi. This year, the Pro/1/2 field was particularly strong. A large contingent of NOBC and other area riders travelled to Jackson for the Criterium or Road Race, or both, and many turned in impressive results. Going up the hotel elevator after watching the Pro/1/2 event, Robert asked one of the pro riders what his computer had registered for the 90-minute criterium. The response: Average speed of 28 mph, max speed 42 mph. The results listed here are from a fax sent out from the Bike Rack shop in Jackson. I've just listed the top finishers, plus some of the other names I recognize from local races. A number of the names aren't legible on my fax, but if you'd like me to see if I can find your name, drop me a line. ---Randy.



1. Malcolm Elliott (Chev/LA Sheriff)
2. Roberto Gaggioli (Chev/LA Sheriff)
3. Rob Ventura (Navigators)
4. John Peters (Nutrafig)
5. Radisa Cubric (Plymouth)
6. David McCook (Plymouth)
7. Mark McCormack (Saturn)
8. Chris Horner (Nutrafig)
9. Steve Sevener (Bandag)
10. Derek Bouchard-Hall (Shaklee)
11. Harm Jansen (Nutrafig)
12. Eddy Gragus (U.S. Postal)
13. Jerzy Woziak (Richbrau)
14. Ashley Powell
15. Kirk Willet (Nutrafig)
16. Thurlow Rogers (Nutrafig)
17. Brian Dykes (Navigators)
18. Kirk Obee (Indy Velo)
19. Tim Co (Bandag)
20. Richard Hincapie (GS Mengoni)
31. Shawn Casey (Herring)
38. Kenny Bellau (Herring)
52. Todd Bauer (GNO)
63. Gordon Konrad (GNO)


1. Karen Bliss-Livingston (Saturn)
2. Annie Garlepy (Vanwood)
3. Julie Young (Saturn)
4. Linda Kruse (EDS)
5. Jenn Dial (2+2 Velo)
6. K.C. Wilder (Maryland)
7. Angie Rodriguez (HealthSouth)
8. Kimberly Pettit (Walmart)
9. Natalie Kelly (Alabama Wheelmen)
10. Tina Mayolo (Odwalia)
17 Dawn Savoie (Team Mack)
20. Giselle Pagel (Redstick)


1. Derek Wilkerson (GS Mengoni)
2. Kenny Zielinski (BMC/Walmart)
3. Lewis Elliot (GS Mengoni)
4. Andrew Coutes (Chisolm)
5. Kyle Valante (Woodstock)
8. Eric Epton (Redstick)
10. Trent Rives (Red Stick)


1. Randy Legeai (NOBC)
2. Perry Mcleod (Carolina BC)
3. Tom Bain (Matrix)
4. Edward Beaman
5. Richard Raspet (Outdoor)
6. Stan Kruse (Los Malos)
7. Enrique Garnbay (Los Malos)
8. David Savoie (Team Mack)
9. Jim Brock (AWV)
10. Peter Erodes (Los Malos)
11. Darwin Barnes (River City)
13. Frank Moak (Herring)
14. Guy Cross (Red Stick)

Cat. 3

1. Eugene Kersh (WalMart)
2. Keith Breaux (Lafayette?)
3. Donald West (Fayetteville Racing)
4. Chris Graham (OBRU)
5. John Frey (Dayton-Huffy)
6. Pat Ayres (Fond du Lac)
7. Howard Gonzales (GNO)
8. Henry Ambrose (CT Cycling)
9. Travis Sherman (AWV)
10. Brad New
14. Joe Otero (Team LaS'port)
15. Jason Sager (Red Stick)
18. Billy Ridge (GNO)

Cat 4

1. Mark Beck
2. Michael Nelson
3. Calvin Partlow?
4. Craig Bowers
5. Nicholas Jimenez
6. John Boyd
7. Sean McCombs
8. Jason Syrok
9. V. Vaughn
10. Thomas Crocker

Cat 5

1. Michael Powell
2. Pete Quesada (Panama City)
3. Jamie Petrovich (Bike Rack)
4. Virgil Gonzales (Tyler)
5. Richard Michell (LA)
6. David Felman (AWV)
7. Richard Nye
8. John Nehliv
9. Russ Smallwood
10. Gary Gagliano



1. John Peters (Nutrafig)
2. Scott Mercer (Shaklee)
3. Bill Oyster (Bandag)
4. Clark Sheehan (US Postal)
5. Jerzy Wozniak (Richbrau)
6. Norm Alvis (Saturn)
7. Trent Klasna (Chevrolet/LA Sheriff)
8. Chris Horner (Nutrafig)
9. Timm Peddle (Plymouth)
10. Thurlow Rogers (Nutrafig)
11. Dirk Pohlman (Navigators)
12. Kirk Willet (Nutrafig)
13. Michael Engleman (US Postal)
14. Peter Stuverauch (Chevrolet/LA Sheriff)
15. Tom Ebeyer (Plymouth)
16. Derek Bouchard-Hall (Shaklee)
17. Chad Gerlach (US Postal)
18. Kevin Monahan (Richbrau)
19. Jeff Pierce (Chevrolet/LA Sheriff)
20. Gustavo Carrillo
33. Todd Bauer (GNO)
36. Dan Bennett (Natchez/Herring)
47. Kenny Bellau (Herring)
52. Shawn Casey (Herring)


1. Karen Bliss-Livingston (Saturn)
2. Liesel Miller (Herring)
3. K.C. Wilder (Maryland)
4. Heidi Yakowski (AMV)
5. Chris Tucker (Rapid)
6. Linda Kruse (EDS)
7. Kathryn Berchtold (Southland)
8. Kim Brodes (Walmart)
9. Dawn Savoie (Team Mack)
10. Kimberly Pettit (Walmart)
34. Giselle Pagel (Red Stick)

Cat. 3

1. John Frey (Dayton Huffy)
2. Chris Graham
3. Stan Kruse
4. Donny Orchard (Team X)
5. Fred Vincent (Arlington Velo)
6. Peter Ero?? (Los Malos)
7. Keith Breaux
8. Jason Sager
9. Todd Allinger (NARC)
10. Nolan Gaubret (AVW)
21. Richard Raspet (Outdoor)
22. Billy Ridge (GNO)
31. Chad Harris (GNO)
41. Charles Davis (NOBC)
45. Guy Cross (Red Stick)
49. Charles Nolan

Cat. 4

1. Chris Stokes (IWSM)
2. John Boyd
3. Darwin Savoie (GNO)
4. Justin Neely
5. Sean McCombs (Bike Z)
6. Victor Vaughn
7. Michael Nelson
8. Michael Pardin (Ground Zero)
9. Tracy Jacoby (River City)
10. William Tramel (JMC)


1. Jeremy Bounds (Team LaS'port)
2. Dave Bunce
3. Darren Crisp (JMC)
4. Jim Blount (LaPetit)
5. Richard Guynes (JMC)
6. ?
7. Joe Ingram (JMC)
8. Geoffrey Rollins
9. Pete Cuesada (Panama City)
10. ?
43. Brian Duckett (GNO)


No list was given for the Masters (who finished some time after the finish line washed away in the midst of a major thunderstorm). By the end of the last of 2 laps (officials had shortened the race because of the impending bad weather), there was a group of 10 in the lead with a few chasing. Shortly thereafter, the lead group neutralized the race because of the weather, so it ended up as a "drag race" from the last turn to the finish, about a kilo away. Frank Moak attacked early at a perfect spot, just as the group started up a slight incline. The weather was so bad, however, that the results were figured out later by consensus among the riders. A special award goes to Howard Luna, who, after being dropped near the end of the first lap, persevered alone through the worst of the storm and ultimately caught the pack. At the finish, Frank Moak was near the top, as was Tom Bain. Randy Legeai finished 7th, followed by Howard Luna and Brian Magendie.


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