The Red River Rally Balloon Festival & Air Show
with Team LaS'Port & Sportspectrum
present the


Saturday, September 14, 1996
Sponsored by Commercial National Bank
Shreveport, Louisiana Downtown Airport

Prize List $3,000


Category 1-2-3

- Russ Walker and Shawn Casey broke away from the main field halfway thru this 60-minute race. Shawn won both of the first two primes offered with Gordon Konrad of GNO taking a pack prime later in the race from Joe Otero and Kendrick Perry (generally agreed to be the best sprint seen the entire day). In the final 3/10's mile finish to the line, Russ moved away from Shawn to win by 4 seconds. The main pack came in 2:44 later.

1. Russ Walker, BMC Wal-Mart

2. Shawn Casey, Herring Gas

3. Gordon Konrad, GNO

4. Joe Otero, Team LaS'port

5. Brett Faulk, Cajun Cyclists

6. Kendrick Perry, Cajun Cyclists

7. Ken Smith, Texas Wheels

8. Russell Cook, Red Stick Cyclists

9. Kenny Bellau, Herring Gas

10. Guy Cross, Red Stick Cyclists

11. Joey D'Antoni, NOBC

12. Todd Rutherford, Bud Light

13. Michael Fontana, unattached (Monroe, LA)

14. Craig Bowers, CSI

15. Shane Lee, Team LaS'port

16. Tim Fitzgerald, Team LaS'port

17. Boyd Atherton, Arlington Velo

Category 4

- It turned into a field sprint at the end with Jack Ditt actually crossing the line first, but he was relegated to third place by the officials for re-entering the race too soon after changing a flat.

1. Roxby Hatcher, unattached

2. Jay Robertson, Team Shock

3. Jack Ditt, Team LaS'port

4. Dimitri Harris, unattached

5. David Bunce, Team LaS'port

6. Paul Stout, LaPetite Roche

7. Hector Mendoza, LaPetite Roche

8. Michael Simpson, BMC Wal-Mart

9. Jeffrey Clark, Red Stick Racers

10. Gary Rodosta, NOBC

Category 5-Public

- Again, a pack finish.

1. Michael Gunter, BMC Wal-Mart

2. Mark Dayton, unattached

3. Stan Bernard, unattached

4. Jim Rabalais, Team LaS'port

5. Joseph Castille, unattached

6. Barry Taylor, Team LaS'port

(rest of list is incomplete)

Masters 35+ (Cat. 3-4-5)

- This one turn into a race for second as Joe Otero pulled away from the field and stayed away to the end. David Person and Russell Cook held on for a while but couldn't stay with the local rider who got his first win of the year.

1. Joe Otero, Team LaS'port

2. David Person, Mezza Luna

3. Russell Cook, Red Stick Racers

4. Russell Cerrato, BMC Wal-Mart

5. Loyd Wynn, BMC Wal-Mart

6. Neil Ford, unattached

7. Fred Phillips, BMC Wal-Mart


1. Traci Rodosta, NOBC

2. Pam Wynn, BMC Wal-Mart

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